Initials Puzzles

If you are looking for a creative way to say you love your special person, the personalized initials puzzles are perfect gifts for beloved ones with personal touch. You could add a personalized class to your puzzles including your names and/or a wedding date.

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Single name puzzles

Our hand-crafted single name puzzles are the perfect personalized gifts for any occasion and décor. Each puzzle is designed individually and mastered in a way to be joined with the following letter forming a one of a kind personalized artwork.

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Create your own personalized puzzle - with two names joined by an ampersand “&”, a heart or first name and surname! The names puzzles are unique and designed individually. The person that receives this present feels special, noticed, important - and best of all, loved.

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It is absolutely unique for every home or office décor made from one piece of natural pine wood. Make an exquisite gift for a family, friends and colleagues! Shades of the stain will vary according to the grain of the wood, giving each name puzzle its own characteristic.

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This is a unique and personalized gift to surprise your boss for your company anniversary. It will be kept and placed at a noticeable place in the office! Every corporate name puzzle is meticulously cut from a single block of pine wood and all characters are beautifully handmade.

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pen holders

These unique pen holders are perfect gifts for storing pens and pencils with their own personal characteristic. The custom designed pen holders including initial(s) chosen by you will bright your hard work days and will draw everyone’s eyes, asking where it is from. 

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wedding initials gifts

Our stunning personalised wedding initials gifts would make an ideal wedding or wedding anniversary gift! The personalized wedding initials gifts can be displayed at the wedding reception and then used as home décor as a reminder of the Big Day.

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wedding pen holders

These one of a kind handmade and personalized wedding pen holders are great romantic and personalized wedding gifts. It will be sure to wow your guests and will look exquisite in your wedding pictures. The date of the marriage would never be forgotten!

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Anniversary Gift Puzzles

Personalized Anniversary gift puzzles are great anniversary gift ideas for your wedding anniversary or any other anniversaries and special dates in your life. Surprise your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, friends, colleagues or couples making them a personalized anniversary gift they will love forever.

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other name PUZZLES

Our custom-designed wooden name puzzles are clev­erly arranged and inter­locking in a play­ful man­ner. We do not have a minimum letter order! First name, last name, any name, even a whole sentence is possible! It's custom to you! The names puzzles are suitable from birth and through adulthood.

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our personalized wooden name puzzles and pen holders

Our personalized wooden name puzzles and pen holders are perfect, unique and original gifts that will freshen up any interior. They are one of a kind and custom designed by YOU to make YOUR BELOVED PERSON feel happy and special!

All personalized puzzles and pen holders are handmade from one piece of natural pine wood, sanded and finished with olive oil. They can lay down flat or stand up for display on a shelf, desk or any horizontal surface.

Our wooden name puzzles and pen holders are fabulous personalized super accessories for every office and a great future home décor. All personalized wooden name puzzles and pen holders are ideal gifts for all kinds of special occasions such as births, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas. This is a gift that will be treasured forever!

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our mission

Our mission is to provide customers with unique, personalized, handmade and high-quality name puzzles and pen holders that will be treasured forever.

Our NAME 2 PUZZLE team tries to do the best in order to touch the heart of the person that you love. Our original personalized wooden name puzzles and pen holders will beautify any sweet home or office decor.

Quality products and customer satisfaction is our goal. We meet and exceed the expectations of our customers through excellent quality and perfection.

We believe in delivering the customers with high level of personal services, top quality and premium products on time. We keep high standards from start to finish! Our mission is to provide YOU with the opportunity to order and give YOUR BELOVED PERSON a personalized name puzzle or pen holder.

We do not deal with mass productions. The product that you choose will be made especially for HIM or HER by YOUR order! Our ultimate purpose is to make you and mostly the person that receives the gift happy, impressed by our product and loved by you! We are looking forward to helping you choose the perfect personalized wooden name puzzle for any special occasion.

Our name puzzles and pen holders are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, newborns, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

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